17 June 2012

I’ve raced twice this week – the Mile on Thursday, and a 5 miler on Saturday. The RMRR Father’s Day Mile was Thursday evening at Denver’s City Park. I trashed this race.Couldn’t have possibly done anything else wrong. Pulled a groin slightly in warm-up, ran out at 6:00 pace and had to walk twice, but I still finished in my McMillan predicted 7:13.  After all that PLUS heat and smoke from the High Park fire I still call this one of the funnest races I’ve had. It was an absolute blast.With different divisions going off 10-15 minutes apart, it was like being back in school, at a meet, waiting for your event. Overall winner turned in a 4:23.

Saturday was the Colorado Masters’ Sand Creek 5 Miler at Bluff Lake/Rocky Mountain Arsenal. That one was also a lot of fun, because it’s the kind of race I train for. A variety of surfaces (none paved!) and a mix of up, down, and flats. I ran probably my smartest race ever, passing on downhills AND uphills, while relaxing the flats. After you’ve passed someone on an uphill, though, they tend to stay passed. I finished in 39:58.

Thursday I was last in my division (M40-49) and Saturday 5th out of ? in M45-49, but I have to realize that these are not mass-participation races, where I’m a 70th percentile finisher. I’m running with serious runners who are doing this to test themselves – as am I. And since my goal is not to beat these people (well, not all of them) but to run with them, I had a great two races.

18week mara training begins TOMORROW. Plan calls for a 13 mile long run, an 7.5 mile second long, and a total of 30 miles, leaving 8.5 “junk” miles. I calls ’em choice miles, because I can run how I feel. Trails, hills, fartleks, or just some easy miles. I don’t want to run more than 5 days/week – 4 if possible – so it looks like I’ll do 3+ one day, and 5+ another for my total. LR on Saturday; so I’ll need to be laced up and out the door at 5 am to do this in the morning. That means awake at 4:30, slam toast and peanut butter, and take off with some gels. Have to make breakfast the night before. Hmm. When’s a good day? Not tomorrow, I need a rest or an easy day. Tuesday, then. Stretch/Yoga/Core Monday and Wednesday, 8.5 miles Tuesday, runners choice Thursday and Friday, then a pikermi on Saturday. If God wills it. Because I publicly give Him my training. To Him be the Glory; to me the sweat, from Him to me the Blood. 

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