Sunday was the 100th running of the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. B to B is a 12k race across the city, from the Bay side to the Pacific side. It has the distinction of being the largest footrace ever with 110,000 runners (including bandits, or unregistered runners) in 1986. Considering that the Bay area has a population of 7.4 million  and Boulder/Denver has 3 million, Bolder Boulder can be quite proud of its status a second largest.
B to B is a “dream” run for me. I’d love to see San Francisco from a runner’s POV. Can you imagine touring the harbor, the neighborhoods, Golden Gate Park, and the beaches of the Pacific, all on foot?
The event is a party for San Franciscans, originally started as a pick-me-up for the city after the devastation of the ’06 earthquake.  Serious runners start first, and the party follows. SF is known for debauchery, and B to B carries on that tradition. In fact, the alcohol use has gotten bad enough that the city supervisors are stepping in to attempt to reduce it.
2 Boulder men and 1 woman made the top 10 finishers yesterday-congratulations to Laura Bennett, Jason Hartmann and Patrick Rizzo.  
Also yesterday was the Colfax Marathon. This was only the 5th running of the Fax, with locals Nicholas Mockeridge winning the men’s division and Nicole Chyr leading the women. The weather was chilly; even some snow in Lakewood for the westernmost part of the course, but cool weather is a runner’s friend. Snow, not so much :(.
About 1000 runners started, and 750 finished  I think I’d like to be in that list someday, but having started running at age 47, I think I’d best work up the miles and see if it’s possible before I register for a full 26.2. If I never do it, I’m still happy. I run for myself, not for finisher’s medals.
Well, I do like event shirts.
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